Because Pets Are Family Too!

At All Creatures Boarding in Ottertail, MN, we understand that your pets are an integral part of your family, but that doesn’t mean they can travel with you everywhere you go. When you must leave them behind, it’s important that they stay with someone who loves animals every bit as much as you do.

Our mission is simple: we’re dedicated to providing a safe, loving environment for pets whose people are temporarily away. Our clients include business people who must leave town for a few days, families that have children involved in sporting activities, snowbirds who simply cannot take their pets with them, and people who find themselves with an unplanned event, such as a family emergency. Our facility is directly associated with All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Perham. We are able to seek Veterinary advice and care for your pet shall a problem arise while you are away. We offer 7-day-a-week pick-up and drop-off, and provide discounts for extended stays*.

Our Facilities

All Creatures Boarding is the perfect place for your pet to relax and unwind until you return. Our facility is equipped with quiet cat rooms, plus we can accommodate exotic pets such as birds or gerbils. 

Small Kennel Options

4x12 Kennel

Suite 7x12

Includes a private room with a window, extra comfort with a provided foam mattress, and 5-6 outdoor breaks a day.

Quiet Suite 7x12

Includes a private room located in the front of our facility away from all other boarders offering complete quietness and relaxation, comfortable beds and cubbies, and 5-6 outdoor breaks a day.

Extra Love Suite 12x15

For our most loved guests, our biggest suite option, this suite offers an extra comfortable hideaway and mattress, and lots of window viewing and attention from staff throughout the day.

Big Boy Run 15x22

Our biggest space we offer, we prefer for two pets to stay here as the space can hold up to 5 pets. This space offers outside window viewing and plenty of space for your pet to have a comfortable stay.

(6) 3×5 Kennels
(4) 4×6 Kennels
(8) 4×12 Kennels
Suite 7×12
Quiet Suite 7×12
Extra Love Suite 12×15
Big Boy Run 15×22
3 Cat Condos
Bird Boarding

Outdoor Fenced in Area

Add-ons such as walks through the woods are available

Dog Boarding

Our facilities are located in an area that enables us to walk your dog on a path that travels through a small wooded area behind the facility, which leads down to a lake (when weather permits). Your pooch will enjoy romping around in our fenced-in outdoor exercise area and indoor playroom, and will be let out a minimum of 3 times per day during its time with us. With a nice variety of run and cage sizes available, we’re sure have something to fit your needs. All of our boarder’s are allowed out separately with our staff 5-6 times a day, stainless steel bowls, comfortable beds and blankets, and on hand staff care continuously throughout the day.


Suite 3×5 and 4×6 – $23/night for one pet
Long Run 4×12 – $25/night for one pet

-Each additional dog in the same run/cage stays for half price. ($11.50/night)
(Example: 2 dogs in one run – 1st dog $23 + 2nd dog $11.50 = $34.50/night)

Kennel w/ private outdoor access | $31/night for one pet
-This is one of our 4x6ft kennels that has its own access to a private outdoor area, whenever your pet chooses during their stay. They are allowed to go in and out through the access during our open hours.

Suite 7×12 | $32/night for one pet

Suite Promotion | $34.50/night for one pet
-Add this promo to our regular suite for add on playtime or walks with a suite stay.

Quiet Suite 7×12 | $38/night for one pet

Extra Love Suite 12×15 | $40/night for one pet

Big Boy Run 15×22 | $49.50/night for two pets

Day Boarding | $15.00/day

Cat Boarding

Because cats are typically solitary creatures, our cat condos are located in their very own quiet room. For the safety of all pets, you must show proof of your cat’s current rabies vaccinations.


  • 1 cat – $18.00/night
  • 2nd cat in same condo is half price ($9.00/night)
    (Example: 2 cats in one condo – 1st cat $18.00 + 2nd cat $9.00 = $27.00/night)

We also offer boarding for birds, rabbits and pocket pets!

Preparing for Your Pet’s Stay

  1. Paperwork: Please give yourself plenty of time at drop-off to fill out paperwork.
  2. Food: To keep as much normalcy to the boarding process as possible, we ask you to bring your pet’s food for the duration of his/her stay with us.
    *You will be charged a fee if you do not bring food or your pet runs out during their stay
  3. Bedding/Toys: Although we have blankets/bedding, we understand that your pet may feel more at ease with something familiar. You may bring something from home to keep you pet comfortable during their stay, including a toy. Please do not bring rawhides/pigs ears. We will not give these to your dog in their kennel.
  4. Medication: All medication must be in original pill bottles and labeled. Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines must be current (dogs).
  5. Holiday Stays: There is a $5/night per pet additional charge for holiday weekends. Holidays include: New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

*Extended-Stay Discounts

  • 5% discount for 7 days
  • 10% discount after 14 days
  • 20% discount after 30 days

We offer overnight stays & have extended-stay options, plus full pet grooming & maintenance packages.